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Vince EbertVince EbertVince EbertVince Ebert

Vince Ebert, physicist and comedian, is a big hit in his native Germany.

With his stand-up shows he regularly performs to 1000+ seaters. He has been hosting his own prime time science show on the ARD (German equivalent of the BBC) for 5 years and his books have sold over 500,000 copies. Vince’s mission for almost 20 years on stage has been to convey scientific facts within the fundamental laws of humor.

For the future Vince Ebert is keen to export his unique sense of German scientific humor to English speaking countries.


Science Comedian

You probably think Germans have no sense of humor. And physicists are not funny at all.

Therefore, a German physicist has to be the least funny person on this planet. That may be true until you meet Vince. Some say, next to Angela Merkel he is the other German physicist who works in comedy business.

Vince Ebert explains scientific facts using the fundamental laws of humour. Why is the sky blue? Why is the night black? Why shouldn’t we eat yellow snow?

"It’s that combination of being both educational and entertaining that makes Ebert’s show worth seeing." London Theatre 1




Keynote Speaker

Vince’s thrilling keynotes are both informative and highly entertaining. Since 2015 he has been performing in English, mostly for corporations like SIEMENS or MERCK as well as at international science conferences.
Currently he’s on tour with two different keynotes:
In “Randomly successful“ he explains what entrepreneurial strategies are necessary in order to stay flexible and able to react to unforeseeable incidents and stay cutting-edge. He does this by using funny examples from natural sciences, neuro marketing and chaos theory. Coincidence is absolutely vital for progress and innovation. After all the most successful system of our universe is based on trial and error: evolution. Without coincidence and chance the most influential species would never have been able to generate. Give chance a chance!
In his second keynote “Big Dadaism” Vince tells us what about Big Data are modern myths, empty promises and horror visions of the business world of tomorrow. Will Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Silicon Valley geeks really cause a revolution of our everyday work life? Vince Ebert advises us to stay calm. We do not have to be afraid of digitization. On the contrary. 10 years ago, the German celebrity fashion designer, Rudolph Moshammer, was strangled with a telephone cord. Today this would be technically impossible.

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booking requests

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"Vince Ebert knows excellently how to present his subject in a scientifically funded, comprehensible and yet very entertaining way. He knows how to inspire, make you laugh and think at the same time."
Kristine Pogge, Owner/Manager of PODIUM Speakers & Concepts
"I think Vince Ebert can do more with only a speech than a bunch of business consultants plowing through a company for a whole week."
Jürgen Diessl, publishing leader ECON
"You hang on Vince Ebert's every word because you don't want to either miss a fascinating fact or a great gag. This is how to deliver great speeches!"
Christian Thunig, absatzwirtschaft
"Vince Ebert was THE surprise act at the Alpensymposium. Clever, provocative and above all – FUNNY! That's how a lecture should be. Fabulous!"
Oliver Stoldt, Premium Speakers
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