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Vince Ebert is available for conferences, meetings and gala nights. Currently, he offers two different keynote speeches: „Big Dadaism“ and „Randomly successful!“. We gladly answer all your questions and give you advice in a personal discussion.


What is really important

Whole companies are operating remotely from their private homes. Entire industries have been put on hold. People fear for their employment and bosses complain about lack of productivity. Maybe soon the only people on the streets will be Amazon delivery guys. Everyone else is sitting isolated at home, streaming, posting, zooming or liking something or other.

In times like these we have to reconsider our priorities. What is really important? What is redundant? Companies and enterprises need optimism and inspiration more than ever before. And a reasonable helping of humor.

Vince Ebert has developed a vaccine against misery and despair and shows in his usual witty manner how to stay productive, positive and capable of action in a phase of complete uncertainty. And how to prioritize. Among other things you will learn:

  • why improvisation is more important than perfection
  • why our brain needs physical contact
  • what you can easily do without in the future
  • and why a step back is sometimes a step forward

Vince Ebert should know. The physicist, ARD-show host and comedian has been thriving during lockdown times. After all, social distancing was the reason why he studied physics in the first place.

How can we make future-oriented decisions? What should be our priorities? How many questionable appointments are in my firm? Am I one of them?

“Priorities” – food for thought in uninspired times


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Big Dadaism

A common sense approach to digitization

Will Big Data and Artificial Intelligence really revolutionize the way we work? Vince suggests that we take a step back and relax a bit. In this keynote, speaker Vince Ebert debunks popular myths regarding our future and clarifies the role of technologies such as AI in our lives.

Through surprising and funny examples, Vince will show that humans will always be better than any computer – even in the future. Furthermore, he will also teach you how to use your imagination and creativity to be successful in the future.

Vince designed the talk »BIG DADAISM« to encourage his audience to use common sense instead of blindly the digital hysteria which surrounds us these days.

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Randomly successful!

Why the world is not predictable and how you can use that

Do you believe in coincidences? If your answer is no, think back to the time when you met your partner or got your first job. Do you really plan every step you take in your life? It is clear that there are many influencing factors in our lives we cannot influence.

Similarly, if we look at the timeline of our civilization, there are many coincidences which lead to big inventions. For example, the inventor of porcelain wanted to create gold first and Viagra was invented as a heart medication.

In this keynote, speaker Vince Ebert will explain how we come across coincidences and why it is so hard for us to accept them. With the help of science, neuromarketing and chaos theory, he will show you how can we give coincidences a chance – as they are necessary to create and innovate.

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"Vince Ebert knows excellently how to present his subject in a scientifically funded, comprehensible and yet very entertaining way. He knows how to inspire, make you laugh and think at the same time."

Kristine Pogge
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"You hang on Vince Ebert's every word because you don't want to either miss a fascinating fact or a great gag. This is how to deliver great speeches!"

Christian Thunig

"Vince Ebert was THE surprise act at the Alpensymposium. Clever, provocative and above all – FUNNY! That's how a lecture should be. Fabulous!"

Oliver Stoldt
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